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Fulkerson’s songs are deep and layered, with understated vocals and sharp acoustic guitar work, plus an edge that’s indicative of Neil Young." –The Bend Bulletin “The most obvious influence is the 1970s English folk singer Nick Drake, whose gorgeous, mumbled tunes and untimely death made him an unlikely legend. But these songs are a reflection of a wide set of forebears, from acoustic-guitar masters William Ackerman and Michael Hedges to more popular artists such as Neil Young, The Beatles and the Grateful Dead. Perhaps more important than any one influence, though, is Fulkerson’s unique songwriting style.” –The Bend Bulletin (Float and Scatter)... is an excellent showing of Fulkerson's delicate folk style, complete with skilled guitar picking and a soothing voice." –The Source Weekly  "These are delicate, precisely plucked songs that live in a celestial place where folk, pop and classical guitar music intersect. All possess an impelling, impassioned quality that gives them a sort of universal appeal, assuming you’ve ever felt a feeling." –The Bend Bulletin”


Float and Scatter, Gary's first studio release, was named Top 10 Local Album of 2010 by The Bend Bulletin. Check out the following links to read more about the year in music review and to buy the album that ranks 3rd on the list. Click here to see the Top 10 list. ”

— TOP 10 ALBUM OF 2010

Read the cover story on Gary in the Bend Bulletin's Entertainment Magazine. Crafted by the Bulletin's music writer, Ben Salmon, the story truly captures Gary's musical path. To read it, click here.”


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With guitar in hand, Gary joined Dori Donoho for a full hour on CLEAR 101.7 FM. The two shared some music, a few laughs and a deep conversation or two. Click here to listen. Gary made a return flight to the airwaves on CLEAR 101.7 FM with Dori Donoho to discuss the creation of “Float and Scatter”, the act of songwriting and life in general. Click here to listen.”